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Greetings and Welcome

Relax and Renew * Be Inspired * Laugh with Joy * Be Positive

This tour is designed with the inner journey in mind, as well as offering the opportunity to enjoy spectacular scenery, culture, fun and freedom!

* You Can Heal Your Life - with Daphne Whitehouse (Louise Hay teacher)
* Discover the power of positive thinking and change your life
* Connect with the transformative and divine energy of Mother Meera
* Be a part of the important history, culture and spirit of this land
* Learn to bring abundance and prosperity into your life
* Explore the landscapes, beautiful countryside and amazing castles along the Rhine
* Share with light minded people, teachers and healers on your Path to Renewal

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" Ghandi

This journey is timed to coincide with a full moon, when we shall celebrate the fertility,
creativity and new growth at this special time of year.


To reserve your place or make any enquiries, please contact us on:

email: [email protected] ----tel: 44 (0) 1223.504.792

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Join us on a Journey of a Lifetime…. Change the way you see the world!

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