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Greetings and Welcome - Aloha ! - From the Dolphins of Hawaii !

Realise a Dream * Relax and Renew * Be Inspired * Feel Free * Laugh with Joy

Welcome to our ocean paradise. For many years we've developed a mutual honour and trust through your regular loving and playful interaction with us. As you swim with us, we invite you to share in the power of sound and vibrational healing and communicate with us on all levels of mind, body and spirit. We love to play near you and touch those who are especially sensitive and aware, by creating incredible feelings of love and euphoria. You'll be amazed.... Come play with us!

This two week journey has been created to explore our inner world as well as the stunning and dramatic scenery, ancient sites and culture and the beautiful waters of this Pacific Island. Our journey is timed to coincide with the ancient fertlity festival of Beltane and a rare full moon eclipse.

* swim with the wild Dolphins in crystal blue water off the Big Island of Hawaii
-- (everyone may share this experience - all ages and non swimmers)
* commune with the dolphins through the play, sound and healing
* explore Hawaii's only continually active volcano, Kilauea
* learn about the ancient culture of this magical island
* connect to this powerful energy centre, with sacred ceremony and ritual
* share with light minded people, teachers and Hawaiian's

Contact: tel: 44 (0) 1223.504.792 - email: [email protected]

Join us on a Journey of a Lifetime... Change the way you see the world!

Journeys to Inspire Ltd. 2003

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