Journeys to Inspire

* Laugh with Joy * Be Inspired * Relax and Renew * Feel Empowered *

Our aim is to take you on inspirational journeys around the world, encouraging you to realise your dreams and fulfil your aspirations. We wish to inspire and empower you to experience and connect with the energy, history, and cultures of the most spiritual and breathtaking sites on our planet.

We'll travel to powerful and inspiring energetic points on our Earth, connecting to the magnetic field to empower and awaken our own inner wisdom with ceremony, light and laughter. Through moments of stillness and beauty we'll help to heal and nurture ourselves, accelerate our growth and that of the planet.

Through a wealth of experience, we'll share the knowledge and wisdom of ancient cultures and diverse nature, see how they are all connected and understand how we are all one. We do this with a sense of fun, adventure, enthusiasm and care, creating a friendly and safe space for you to feel free, but connected to others.

Journeys to Inspire - the key to open the door to sense and explore our Earth!

Thank you for inspiring us! - Sara and Darren

Through your enthusiasm, cheerfulness and wealth of experience, you turned black and white to colour! Sandra and Norman

Alicia - you are inspirational, such a fun, positive lady. You made this trip more than just memorable - a total experience!!- Pat and Norman

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Your Peace of Mind: Experienced, fun-loving and caring guides and teachers will be there to help, heal and inspire you on these magical journeys of a lifetime. Working in association with established tour operators, we take your safety and security very seriously. All our agents hold the Air Traffic Operators License (ATOL) and membership of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) giving you financial security and protection.

I can't even thank plenty for your help and devotion in the matter of my VA interst and plea.

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Dolphins of Hawaii - 24th April to 8th May 2014

Swim with the wild Spinner and Spotted Dolphins (for everyone - all ages and non-swimmers too)

* Realise a Dream * Play with Joy * Connect with Lemuria * Open Your Heart * Feel Free *

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Path to Renewal - 1st to 7th April 2014

You Can Heal Your Life - Louise L. Hay - Mother Meera - Prosperity

* Uplifting and Fun * A Positive Path * Release your Fears * Abundance * Celebrate Life *

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Mythical England: The Blessed Isle - 17th to 30th June 2014

* Uncover the Mystery * Celebrate Summer * Feel the Magic * Ceremony * Sing and Dance *

London-Winchester-Salisbury-Avebury-Stonehenge-Glastonbury-Tintagel-St.Michael's Mount-Land's End

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California Dreams - October 2014

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Further Journeys

Eire - The Mists of Time, Journey through the Emerald Isle
Peru - Mysteries of the Inca - Lake Titicaca to Machu Picchu
Australia - Ancient Land - Aboriginal Dreamtime

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